Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: No Good Thing Left Out

2012 was a big year for me and I always knew it would be. Even while in high school, I knew this would be the year I graduated college and that 2013 would be a gaping black hole that would be a in I'm not quite sure what is going to happen. 


But I'm being melodramatic. I'm sure 2013 is going to be great and I'm not here to write about 2013, but rather this past year. I greeted 2012 with excitement if not with a little apprehension. It had its highs and lows, but really it had its highs. I wrote that I wanted to focus on health & wellness, relationships, and reading. How did I do?

Health & Wellness

I ran a half-marathon
I planned on running a marathon, but ended up having knee/hip/IT band problems which I think are "all clear" now....having had more than a few successful runs in December!!! 
I rode my bike to work every day.
I didn't do as well eating as I hoped going on an post-graduating, post-break-up, working in South Stock eat everything that has sugar should not be left behind diet.
I became a morning person and spend time writing in my journal and writing down three things I'm grateful for each day. 
I didn't blog about this but I did have a bike accident on a ride to work:


This is the big one. I wrote earlier in the year that I wanted to work on my relationship with God, my friends, and my boyfriend. I had something like I think family is good so that category was not necessarily an area that I was planning on focusing. Of course life is what happens when you make other plans and being currently single and living with my family, I've had so many great moments in the family category that I did not anticipate happening and would have experienced had I been elsewhere. Some of my best moments and best nights have been with family. So here are some highlights of 2012 relationships:

Living with Sarah my second semester
Restaurant hopping in Ashland for Sarah's birthday
Washington D.C. for CPAC..but not really going to CPAC and hanging out at the Dubliner and eating at Good Stuff Eatery
Friends in DC
Letters from France from Megan
Any wine night with Sarah, but most specifically the night we stayed up until 7 in the morning and Sarah read her favorite lines of Nietszche to me and I read Plato to her.
Sarah and I during Halloween with our favorite men.
Any wine night with my sorority family
Poetry nights
Sarah and I on a poetry night.
Gin and jazz nights
Working up in the Ashbrook Center and listening to this when it reached midnight.
Sitting in convo with Danielle, being convo rats and drinking Bigelow's Lemon Lift tea (Lemon'll lift your spirits!)
The time Brittany and James came to the apartment and drank on a random night...not a big night at all and maybe unmemorable to some, but I just remember being so pleased with it.
Rekindling a close friendship with Molly again.
Thesis meetings.
Visiting Dr. Schwarz after these thesis meetings.
Going to the Eagles Nest with Alex almost every single night to get french fries.
When Meg's mom, Renee, came to my thesis defense and gave me a bottle of Bordeaux Meg bought for me in France to congratulate me on my thesis.
Everyone that came to my thesis defense.
Becoming friends with Emily and going out to eat with both Emily and Polly.
2013 New Years Resolution: A picture of the three of us
The last night in Ashland before I graduated where we drank way too much wine and each talked about what we admired and loved in every person there. Not a dry eye in the apartment.
Going out to Al's with my cousins Jana and Tregg the night of my college graduation.
When Alex drove from Ashland to Minster to bring me to Ashland to surprise Meg for her birthday.
Happy Birthday Meg!
Hanging out with Andy and Meg the day after drinking coffee in his room.
Any time I've received a letter or card from a friend.
Bornhorst girls day out.
Group picture (can we agree I have a very attractive family?)
When Meg, Alex, and Danielle came down for Oktoberfest.
Traditional behind Alex pic.
Sitting on the front porch with my dad and Shelley.
My sister Lindsey waking me up in the early morning by jumping on my bed.
Lindsey and myself. We can never take a nice picture.
My sister Viola (6) asking if I was drunk after having two cups of coffee.
Impromptu trip to Whole Foods with my mom.
Getting Cassie an Bitty Baby from the American Girl place for her birthday.
Friday night food nights with my mom and Scott.
When my little sisters started doing the traditional pic that Lindsey and I do when we take pictures together.
 Older sisters.
Younger sisters.
Evenings playing games with mom, Scott, and Sam.
Going to the Greene and going out to eat with my mom for her birthday.
Being my brother Sam's confirmation sponsor.
Myself and Sam
Going shopping at Easton with my grandpa.
When I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to go on the Christmas Sweater party bus, the bus came and picked me up at my house.

I'm sure there is much more, but I think my list is getting rather lengthy. That is certainly a good thing.


I wanted to read more. This goal was certainly achieved.

The best books read for 2012?

We all knew I would do this though. 

With that, I'm out until the next year. As Jay-Z so eloquently puts it, I'm on to the next one.

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