Saturday, December 8, 2012

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things (December 8, 2012)

Greetings friends. Having been sick yesterday, today I'm feeling tired. My plans for the day are to get everything I wanted to get done yesterday accomplished and then some. I hope that I do get a few things knocked off this to-do list...blah. However, I am feeling better enough to present you with this week's favorite things.

I think the next time I'm sick my friend's should send me this get-well pictogram that was sent to Hemingway by his drinking buddies. 

My friend Emily posted this to my facebook wall the other day. Did you know drinking tea was considered a dangerous habit?

I think this could become a dangerous habit. I need some Whimsy & Spice Earl Grey Hot Chocolate in my life. It sounds like the perfect winter drink. 

Gala Darling writes about morning rituals. I absolutely do the same thing every day. I roll out of bed around 4:30 in the morning (post-grad I've become a crazy morning person), pour myself a cup of coffee, and write in my journal, do the reading from She Reads Truth, and then begin to get ready for work. 

I love Page's blog Twenty-Six and Then Some. With my own knee and IT band problems, I really feel for her ankle injury. She wrote a great post on dealing with injuries

I have listened to this song so much this week. Certainly a song of the moment for me.

Have a great Saturday!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

I need to revamp my morning routine, it's leaving a lot to be desired. Hope you're feeling better!


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